TEAM-CBT certification

TEAM-CBT certification

There are five levels of TEAM-CBT certification.

Certification serves as a roadmap to help you advance your skills in TEAM therapy. Certification is intended to provide quality training to clinicians interested in providing TEAM therapy and to publicly acknowledge those who have received training. We would love to welcome you to the TEAM community and support your learning! Five progressive Certification levels provide opportunities for clinicians to deepen their level of skill mastery. Certification can be accomplished through participation in various types of training (e.g., online or local group training, individual consultation/training, workshops, self-study). Please download the Certification Requirements Rewards Sheet to learn details.

Possible benefits of Certification include: a supportive community, listserv participation for additional learning, access to cutting edge developments by Dr. Burns and the TEAM Master Clinicians, referrals through the FGI website, and access to information regarding additional training opportunities.

Level 1 TEAM Therapist

Level 1 indicates an involvement and demonstrated interest in TEAM Therapy. We welcome you to our community! Apply Online

Level 2 TEAM Therapist

Level 2 certification shows substantial training and involvement in TEAM therapy. Certified clinicians can advertise their practice on Feeling Good Institute website and have access to referrals, networking and training. Apply Online

Level 3 Advanced TEAM Therapist

Obtaining level 3 TEAM Therapist certification involves many hours of individual and/or group training in TEAM Therapy as well as sitting for an oral clinical skills verification exam with a Trainer in TEAM Therapy and Training. Download application

Level 4 TEAM Therapist and Trainer

This highest degree of certification involves extensive training in the skills of providing TEAM Therapy as well as in the training and supervising skills needed to teach TEAM therapy. Clinical work onsite at Feeling Good Institute is designed to provide an opportunity to obtain this level of training. For more information about the possibilities of training onsite at FGI, please contact Working on site at FGI is not a requirement for Level 4 Certification. Download application

Certification Frequently Asked Questions

Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn more!

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